Squadron History

The Western North Carolina Squadron, as it was known then, was established under the leadership of Jack K. Rogers in early 1942. Sometime between February 1942 and February 1945 command passed to Capt. Oscar Meyer Jr., and in February 1945 the Squadron was renamed the Asheville Squadron and placed under the command of 1st Lieutenant Edward L. Clasz.

At the same time, the Macon County Squadron was formed under the command of Capt. Meyer. During that time the Squadron participated in various activities such as: Missing Aircraft Search, Cadet Training, and Forest Fire Spotting.

In 1943 the Western North Carolina Squadron started training cadets for the Cadet Program, which had been authorized in October of 1942. During this time the squadron operated from the Asheville-Hendersonville Airport in the Cane Creek community. Pilots from the Western North Carolina Squadron flew various missions in that time from Missing Aircraft Search to Forest Patrol, and other missions as required by the war effort.

In 1945 the CAP helped sponsor and fund an Aeronautics Program at Lee Edwards High School in Asheville, where qualified students were encouraged to join the CAP as cadets.

CAP National HQ created Unit Charters during 1956, and on May 22, 1957, National Headquarters formally chartered Asheville Senior Squadron. Some time before 1977 the squadron was re-chartered as a composite squadron.

Over time the squadron has grown to become the largest in the North Carolina Wing of the Civil Air Patrol, and one of the few remaining World War 2 squadrons in North Carolina Wing.

The Squadron has flown a number of different aircraft in that time, from Wacos and Piper Cubs to a USAAC Surplus PT – 17, and now our current aircraft a Cessna 182 and a Cessna 172.

Other squadrons have come and gone over time. Asheville Composite Squadron, as we are now known, is the only active CAP unit in WNC. We have met in a number of places from the Asheville-Hendersonville Airport in Cane Creek, and David Millard Junior High School in the 1940's, to Josephson Airport in the Emma community in the 1950's, Asheville City Hall in the 1960's, to the Naval Reserve Center in the 1970's and 80's to T.C. Roberson HS, and our current home at the Asheville Regional Airport.

Though the people and missions may change, the spirit and commitment to serve remains the same today as it was when the CAP started in 1941.

Then as now, we are "The Eyes of The Home Skies"…. Semper Vigilans …. Always Vigilant